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  • Monolithic Interfaces are the Worst

    One of the projects I have at work is a web application, and it uses the repository pattern. Normally, there’s no issue here, the repository pattern is a pretty fundamentally solid pattern: encapsulate your data-access/update logic and expose only that which is necessary for the application. However, as so often happens, in this case the […]

  • If you’ve discounted PHP as a good choice for web programming, you should seriously reconsider.

    In 2001 I got my start in programming. It was a very basic start: my (to-be) stepdad was teaching me about a “chat response bot” he was working on, and showing me things. I don’t recall the language he was using anymore, but later, in 2002, I started learning HTML. In the middle of 2002, […]

  • Implementing Server-Side RFC 3501 (IMAP) in F# (Part 1)

    So it’s been a while, I’ve had little free time over the last couple months (December through February are my extrememly busy period), but I want to start a new project today, inspired by a complete failure of my existing mail provider to work properly. Start with RTFM (or RFC’s, in this case) Now IMAP, […]